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MWM , a division of McMillian & Associates, provides professional consultancy to non-profit organizations.  Dedicated to helping its clients meet the challenges of change, MWM specializes in organizational assessments; strategic planning; leadership training for boards; and fundraising development.

High performing organizations assess their performance in effort to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and success.  Assessments and appraisals assist organizations in infusing the most cost-effective infrastructure in its day-to-day operations in order to maximize resources and yield a high ROI (return on investment). The assessment and appraisal process offers added value to the organization, its employees and those they serve.   The process includes the following:

  • Review of personnel infrastructure/organizational structure
  • Examination of cost allocation and allotment of funds for programs and personnel
  • Evaluation of business processes, systems, policies and procedures
  • Inspection of technology infrastructure

Recommendations are made to management based on a thorough analysis of the information discovered as a result of the assessment and appraisal.

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.  Strategic planning helps to ensure that organizations have successful futures. MWM structures and facilitates your planning process to create a vision for change and guide your planning team to make key decisions about your organization’s future. The process engages every level of the organization including all stakeholders, i.e. board members, staff, management, clients, funders, community leaders, etc.  This comprehensive approach enables organizations to fully understand how they are valued by those who contribute to its success.

Realizing the importance leadership has on the overall success of any organizations, MWM focuses on training board of directors for non-profit organizations.  Through training, MWM prepares directors for their unique role as responsible parties for the organization’s direction and accountability to the public.  The training we provide is focused primarily on the following:

  • Nonprofit governance
  • Committee structure
  • Board self-evaluation
  • Evaluation of CEO/COO
  • Fundraising Training


Having sufficient funds to provide quality programs and retain competent staff is a priority for most nonprofit organizations. MWM helps organizations prepare to leverage their resources to build their coffers.  Our approach to fundraising is fairly simple and is accomplished utilizing the following steps:

  • The feasibility study is the most important step in determining the level of interest and potential support for a fundraising campaign. A feasibility study needs to inform, involve, and assist prospects in gaining ownership in the needs and vision of an organization. When well-implemented, a feasibility study will create a financial constituency.
  • Developing the Case Statement which expresses reasons as to why one should invest in your nonprofit organization or agency.
  • Creating the budget to sustain the agency’s fundraising program.
  • Developing the staff matrix to ensure fundraising success.